How To Start and Keep Journalling for the Rest of Your Life

A beautiful love poem to the Moleskine over at DIY Planner (go read the whole thing). This article will almost certainly make you rush out and start journalling if you aren’t already:

“I’ve also found that I write about different things, and I don’t necessarily just write for myself, and perhaps this change is the most crucial. My diary is no longer about what I did today; it’s about what I might want to remember tomorrow. And it’s no longer for my eyes alone. If my wife or kids (or just about anyone else) want to have a flick through, that’s fine. Perhaps that restricts what I might want to say a little, but it also makes me think harder about what I want to put in my Moleskine, and the end result is that I have something that is a more enjoyable read – something that I’m happy to pick up and read myself – and that, surely, is the whole point. These days, my diary can contain anecdotes, funny things people have said, jokes, interesting websites, ideas that I have read about on the web, or anything else that takes my fancy.

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