Mind Mapping with MindManager

GeekyInfo is excited about the new MindManager 6:

“When I heard that a new version of mindmanger was out I was so very excited. In some ways, this is actually putting it quite midly, as to put it simply, this is the application that runs my life on my computer.”

I’m always impressed at how MindManager is is so popular. The debate over GTD tools for shows just how personal this process really is. Each personality needs (or expects?) to look at and manipulate their own “stuff” in a certain way - visually or textually, electronically or analog - and to fight that way is intensely frustrating.

Of course this is a nightmare for toolmakers. All they can do is to create tools that match one world view and hope they picked a view that is reasonably popular among the many that define us.

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2 Responses to “Mind Mapping with MindManager”

  1. gravatar Chris Brogan... Says:

    I was roaming your posts and found this one about MindManager6. (I’m so silly, I thought the product was called MindJet; obviously the company name). My boss turned me on to this, as I’m somewhat skeptical of all right-brain-to-business types of exercises. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Now, I’m using mind maps about once or twice a week, and I find them exceedingly useful.

    Anyhow, good blog.

  2. gravatar Bill Says:

    There is an organizer that combines Mind Mapping and Focus Management called the Bubble Planner. You can check them out at www.BubblePlanner.com. Based on the website and the concept, it seems to be well done.

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