Reading on Your Tablet PC - Texterity Review

JK says that Texterity is better than Zinio:

Texterity is one thing I’ve been playing around with for a couple of days and I must say it is really sweet.  Texterity provides a convenient way to read digital publications on your PC and it works particularly well on a Tablet PC.  What I like about Texterity is you are not limited to magazines as you are with Zinio, you can also get major newspapers like the New York Times.  There is no program to download, the entire viewing is done in your browser window which is pretty cool as long as you have a high speed Internet connection.”

Zinio was one of those things I wanted to love but just couldn’t as the interface was too awkward and too slow. I will definitely check out Texterity - who couldn’t save time by somehow having all their reading material with them on their Tablet PC.

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3 Responses to “Reading on Your Tablet PC - Texterity Review”

  1. gravatar jk Says:

    Umm, actually I asked the question if Texterity is better than Zinio. Fact is I haven’t used it enough to tell.

  2. gravatar Mark Says:

    To really enjoy Zinio you need an 30″ Apple Cinema Display and a Dual G5. Kind of expensive just to read a magazine, but at that point it actually it quite nice. :)

  3. gravatar P Rezob Says:

    Having the 30 incher (display) is great for any digital magazine. The problem of reading any “regular” magazine on most screens is that is has images from the original pages. Physics wins. You cannot see the pages and read them at the same time. Zooming in is awkward, but I like the Texterity click-and-zoom feature. Once I got used to it, it’s not bad. I don’t like PAGE FLIPPING and other ‘animation’ but that’s just me.

    In comparing Zinio to Texterity the real issue is choice. If you *can* download and installed the ZINIO (aka ZIDIOT) reader, that is. I found this piece of fatware to be hopeless, and had to re-install the entire thing to “try” the latest version. I finally de-installed the mess. Maybe others have had luck, but I *like very much* the idea of a browser solution.

    Texterity seems clean and fast. I’m getting MAKE magazine with Texterity and it’s awesome. As far as downloading in the background, I don’t see the big deal in pressing a “download” button and having the file being sent. You can continue to use the online edition. The KEY here is choice. ZIDIOT gives you NONE. Install, register, get spammed by them, and yes, finally, I can read the mag. Texterity - read it anywhere I want from my browser, and I have the download choice.

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