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MyTicklerFile is a new web based application that aims to solve the problem of handling an electronic version of your GTD Tickler File.

The Tickler is the ingenious idea from David Allen’s book to have 43 file folders (1 folder for each of 1 through 31 - days of the week - and 12 folders, one per month) where you can stash things you need to deal with later. So if you know you need to get your oil changed in 3 months you jot down a note on an index card and shove it in the folder 3 months from now.

Each morning you simply grab today’s folder and dump out anything inside into your Inbox.

The beauty of the physical inbox is that you can use it to store physical things - tickets, hotel reservations, shoppings lists and so on. And for recurring items you get to take a moment and decide when the next recurrence will be. Will I go to the dentist again in 6 months - no wait I’m in Aruba that month - make it seven. This affords the physical system a flexibility that no computer can match.

Having said all that, MyTicklerFile is a beautiful implementation of an online reminder system in which you can add items either through the web or by sending an email to your account (a la Backpack).

What’s missing tho is an easy way to reschedule (ie: to push the tickle item forward by a short or long period with minimal clicking).

Check out the excellent movies demonstrating it and sign up for a free account.

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  1. gravatar Marion Newman Says:

    Thank you for reviewing My Tickler File and your comments. Our goal is to make this application as useful and seemless as possible. We plan to continue to make updates to the site and functionality, and we appreciate the “value add” noted in your post. Will you please elaborate on this functionality (pushing forward of a tickler) so that we may consider for future releases.


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