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Couple In Sun
This is a service that will send flowers to your mate on a regular but semi-random basis. You seem to be thinking about her all the time while in reality you just have to setup your account and forget about it.

Oddly it seems the service makes no effort to hide the fact that she is not getting flowers that you ordered that day. From the FAQ:

“Will she be upset if she knows I’m using this service?
On the contrary, most women we have talked to love the idea! Many have even said, “Tell my husband/boyfriend to sign me up!!”. Initially this was counterintuitive to us too, but then we did some research and here is what we learned: Women love getting flowers. They also know you well enough to recognize you are busy and may not be great at stuff like this, and the fact you are finally taking control and making an effort is a big, big deal. “

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