The Palm Store

palm storeProphecyBoy has some doubts on how well the new Palm Stores will do compared to the wildly (and always packed with people) Apple stores:

“And, of course, there’s the design. A lot of the Apple store philosophy is that if people can actually see an iPod and an iMac, touch it, they might fall in love. And I can attest to that power: I’m writing this on an iMac G5 right now (a celebrity iMac, I might add - my computer used to sit in the Big Brother 6 house), and every time one of my coworkers with a black Dell box walks past my desk, I hear an “I love your new monitor!” And then…”What?!? That’s the computer?!?” Heh. This is a product that’s been on the market for almost a year, and that sits in an Apple store a quarter mile from my desk. I, personally, have gotten people in that store. And they don’t come out of it thinking about computers or electronics the same way. This is how I know Apple is only beginning to gain market share.

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