The Bigger the Screen, the Better the Focus

cinema displayThe science of interruptions looks at a recent study where participants were given a 42-inch screen as opposed to. a 15-inch one.

One veteran researcher claimed he has “never seen a single tweak to a computer system so significantly improve a user’s productivity.” On the bigger screen, people completed the tasks at least 10 percent more quickly - and some as much as 44 percent more quickly.

No more need to put off buying the 30” Apple Cinema display… haha!

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One Response to “The Bigger the Screen, the Better the Focus”

  1. gravatar Max Leibman Says:

    Darn it, there goes my last bit of resolve. Now I have to buy one.

    Of course, if I gain 44% productivity, then I can produce results that will make the money back…yesssss…this could work…

    Seriously, though, that’s a great study, and not at all surprising. I worked in Imaging for a major online brokerage, basically attempting to turn this supposed e-business into the paperless office we’ve been chasing since the birth of the microcomputer. Having spent six months hunched over a lousy 15-inch CRTs trying to read dodgy handwriting on spotty scans of paperwork, the immediate difference when they brought in massive 23-inch screen–with no better resolution, mind you–was obvious. Actually being able to see the entire contect of the writing on the screen all at once and have all the other relevant program windows open and visible made the once-tedious, eye-reddening, maddening experience suddenly very easy and very quick.

    It was such a big difference, in fact, that when my department was later transferred to another division and our big monitors were taken away, I quit. Not merely out of convenience/comfort (or the hit my productivity/incentive would take), but because a company that takes away such an obvious production-enhancing tool for political reasons is too short-sighted to associate with.

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