Managing Recurring Items with a Paper Planner

DIY Planner has this detailed piece which brilliantly outlines a whole host of paper planner hacks and offers a solution to one of the most vexing - how to manage recurring tasks on paper:

“the circle on the right indicates that it’s a repeating item, so an unchecked one reminds me to a) carry it ahead the proper interval, and b) check it off after doing so. Specifically, in this case I’d do the following: Noticing the circle on the left, I’d pay the bill and check off the circle. I’d also notice the circle on the right, copy the item two weeks in the future (including the repeating portion because this task is on-going), and check off that circle as well.”


There is a even a solution for keeping your planner in sync with another persons’ paper planner. And they said it couldn’t be done!

Go read the whole article.

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