Just Pick ONE Thing

The Ripple Effect on why you should limit your new years list to only one goal:

“Rather than do a wish list of all the things you want to change or achieve, why not start off with a moderate but attainable list of ONE thing you want bad enough to actually work your tail off to achieve it. Write it down, print it out, put it on the bottom of your mirror so you see it every morning, put a copy in your billfold, put one on your dashboard and on your desk at work

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7 Responses to “Just Pick ONE Thing”

  1. gravatar Steve Harper Says:

    Thanks for the reference to my BLOG. I appreciate the props and will absolutely return the favor. That is, after all, how ripples start!

    Ripple On!!!

    Steve Harper

  2. gravatar Erde Says:

    Thats a good advice, one is more than enough… :)

  3. gravatar ralph Says:

    personally i use wallnote (www.wallnote.com) to manage my todo’s every morning.

    a simple overview provides me the tool to do my tasks one by one.

  4. gravatar joshua tree Says:


  5. gravatar craig newmark Says:

    nice art, thx

  6. gravatar Versand Says:

    Tank you, very nice.

  7. gravatar forum Says:

    A great read, very informative
    Been looking for a blog like this one for a while
    Keep up the good work.

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