Simple Plans 2006

Here is another example of a super simple plan for achieving goals in 2006:

I’m enacting the following Simple Plan for 2006:

  • Get up at 7am each day.
  • Don’t check my email before 12pm (noon).

The beauty of keeping your goals to only 2 or one thing of course is that it gives you focus and clarity. The downside could be that you cant work on only one thing continuously anyways so you might benefit more from a time-splitting model.

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3 Responses to “Simple Plans 2006”

  1. gravatar Niels Says:

    I agree on setting a few goals, so you can really concentrate on achieving those few goals instead of spreading your energy over a lot of stuff. But those goals you have aren’t really ambitious or motivating in my opinion. I’d set higher goals if I were you.

    If you aim low, you’ll probably get what you’re aiming for.
    If you aim high, you’re likely to get at least a part of it, which is likely to still be a lot (more than the low aim).

    Set a concrete, high, specific, measurable goal. Look at what you’ll have to do to reach the goal. Decide if you’re willing to do what it takes and do your very best to achieve it. Really deciding to do something holds succes in it.

    Good luck.

  2. gravatar Niels Says:

    Whoopsie, didn’t quite catch that they weren’t your resolutions. However, my arguments remain the same.

  3. gravatar Niels Says:
    I like his resolutions.

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