Goal-Setting Through Woodwork

coffee tableIf you have ever built a coffee table, you may have come to the same realization as Mike Kramer.

It was just a coffee table. A resting place for coffee cups and gatherer of used magazines. Normally, it would have no meaning for me. But because I invented this end table and scraped my knuckles raw for it…I was a proud papa.

This Christmas gift to my wife was more than a hobbyist’s diversion. It taught me how to succeed at anything in life. I’m now confident that I can achieve any goal I set my mind to.

He calls it his “blueprint for goal achievement”. I believe everyone has experienced this in some form. If you make a concerted effort to “do something”, and subsequently succeeded, there are lessons from that effort that can be extracted and applied to other areas of your life. The trick is to not lose these cross-functional lessons. Take the moments necessary to process what you learn.

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