3 things about zero waste living

Zero-waste living is every environmentalist`s dream, over the recent years; there has been many raising voices to consider our harm impact on the environment, which reversed on us as humans and all life forms on earth.

Many people including environmentalists and ordinary ones, made a lot of efforts to achieve the zero-waste living, those are experiences considered as influential and idols towards human and environment acts and movements.

By researching these experiments, we learned three major things / facts about the zero-waste living attitude, on this article we shall have a closer look upon them:

- It is possible:

Definitely it is, it just needs a lot of efforts and believing, many people had try it and they achieved good results on the long run, the most encouraging thing about that attitude available documentations, many experiences are documented with various ways such as videos, books, blogs` articles and so goes on.

People who lived by this experience tend to document their experiences to show its success to others, and on the same time they are from various spots all around the world, and they describe their new lives in details, so others can take similar roads toward this kind of life.

One of the most famous experiences are presented on the internet as blogs, movies or books, for example:

  • Colin Beavan`s The No Impact Man experience, which is also presented as a documentary movie.
  • Lauren Singer`s blog; trash is for tossers , which describe her experience and offers variable tips on the matter.
  • The zero waste home experience, a blog made by Bea Johnson, she also wrote a guide book about it.

Although these experience are rich enough to consider as idols, but there are many others all over the internet with different approaches and attempts.

- It impacts present and future:

Your life will change, records and quotes shows us that experimenters encountered many benefits on their lives including health improvement physically and psychological.

Also their surrounding environment has changed, even it was limited to their small society or family.

This is also put them ahead on the better future track for their society or children, as using the reducing method impacts on the long run, which will result in a brighter future.

- It makes you different:

The most similar fact about the experimenters’ lives that is they became different people, the style of zero-waste makes you think and take care of things you wasn`t aware of before, it makes you a handy man, a knowledge seeker, also you would document every simple method to help yourself or the others.

That kind of living pushes you into a problem solver type, into someone who really cares and acts, it teach you a valuable lesson on the real cost of things, and what to consider about in life for real, and it can make you a society`s idol, whom other people are willing to learn from and influenced by.

So at last, zero-waste living is not only limited to junk clearance, or executing the 3 Rs Paradigm of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”, it is more of a life style with some very highly concepts to assemble, and self-control to apply.

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