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Making a DIY Hipster PDA

Monday, November 14th, 2005

Logo TabDIY Planner has a good article on setting up your own Hipster PDA using the DIY templates:

“Now, notice that the most striking thing about the system is its inherent simplicity: it’s just a stack of cards and a clip. I want you to remember this: when you start making things too complicated, scale things back. The more complex your system, the less you’ll use it. Got it?”

Ultimate Notebook is a Hipster PDA

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

hipster pda
Full Contact Geek details how to build the ultimate notebook, which of course is not a traditional notebook at all, but a Hipster PDA:

“For a long time I just chalked it all up to some kind of psycho-emotional dysfunction on my part, despite the fact that I always felt that there was just something missing in the system I was trying to use. Well, now I am quite certain that it wasn’t entirely my imagination. There was something wrong with the system…the notebook itself. The format was just too rigid and it just didn’t fit with me and the way I work or the way I think. Every time I tried and failed I was trying to change myself to fit the system rather than make the system fit with me. ”

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